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Thursday, 26 February 2015

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City: Adoni, Andhra Pradesh
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Item description

SYSTEM JEOSCAN 2D camera operates imaging system in two dimensions and discovers gold, precious metals and spaces, caves and treasures and underground graves and shown directly to high definition color screen and discrimination. This device works on the principle of ground radar imaging scanner so that the device recognizes the precious metals such as gold - silver - copper - Bronze - Lead - aluminum platinum - meteorites - caves and voids. The process of distinguishing between metals with high accuracy is also clarified four digital meters each meter color indicates the type and composition of the metal and the graph shows how the size of the target and place it under the ground, giving the type, depth and size, this sophisticated machine running on high precision and software craftsmanship and clarity, works on the device retrieval system automatically displays the data and findings on the screen directly and mention the name of the metal, which was to pass or has been detected and shows the depth.

Spécifications and technical

• This product operates on a high-quality color screen, the size of high quality 12 × 17 cm in the device displays all data and coordinates through.
• Fast and accurate scanning operation, which reviews and analyzes the earth with precision and clarity of the system.
• Works on the latest software and techniques to give complete and credible results.
• With a special program to determine the depth of the mine as deep targets and centimeter area displaying digital form directly on the screen.
• Special program provider illustrates the blanks, underground caves and tunnels and identifies the depth of surface and Centimeters
• This unit is designed world class, working to fit anywhere in the world.
• Works in all weather and ground conditions at all temperatures and humidity levels.
• The device works as an automatic program with the land and how to deal with what the accident, and whatever the situation.
• Monitoring Signal and clarify the user's system, and how to penetrate the ground signal is illustrated by numerical counters.
• Light and sound indicators to ensure that the work of the machine and the validity of his work, it works fine during the process of research and exploration and ensure that the survey is correct.
• Light and sound indicators work in the case of a line process of exploration and investigation,
describes the situation that worked for its kind. and this shows it directly in the camera screen.
• A lot of experience on the device made by the passage of five years before release.
• Number two sensors supplier sweeping the ground and photography.
• Contains a control key for the main device from which the monitoring and analysis of operations and the transition from one program to another.
• Operates on rechargeable 12-volt battery with an electric charger.
• to a depth of 10 meters under the ground all the goodwill and accuracy.
• After Statistics and final results up to 100%, after many trials and research.
• The unit writes the metal ring road name that was revealed to the top of the screen.

Device component Jeoscan 2D

• The main unit of the device consists of a color computer screen shows the entire device software and also describes the main unit contains all the parameters and the operation buttons.
• length Scanner Sensitive T 44 centimeters wide and 36 centimeters.
• Scanner and sensitive length T 100 centimeters and a width of 60 centimeters.
• bag to protect the main unit and was able to transport the machine easily.
• a large bag to contain and store the device in full equipment.
• 12 volt battery.
• electrical charger 220 volts.
• Charger a device installed in the car.
• methods and operation of educational CD device.
• Headphones.
• Ensure that for two years.
• catalogs English and Arabic.
• Made in Turkey, the country of ancient monuments and treasures by European standards.

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